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Centralized platform to manage and track maintenance tasks, schedule preventive maintenance as well as reduce equipment downtime.


Simplifying asset maintenance processes and reducing equipment downtime.

Ayaansh IT Expert provides advanced Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to meet all your maintenance requirements and objectives. Our Smart Maintenance solution offers organizations to reduce equipment downtime and maintain their assets and maintenance schedules in an organized way. The system includes features such as organizing work orders and preventive maintenance to minimize downtime and improve productivity.

With advanced capabilities, our intelligent smart maintenance solution is capable of scheduling predictive maintenance to identify any prospective issue and minimize larger costs.

Ayaansh IT Expert CMMS helps in strategic decision making with streamlined reports and comprehensive data analysis of your asset maintenance. Designed for optimized asset management, Ayaansh IT Expert CMMS assists in organizing all your asset maintenance processes while cutting costs and augmenting effectiveness.



Smart Maintenance Solution

Robust features to enable swift and effective administration of your asset performance, such as planning, preventive maintenance, inventory tracking and much more.

Work Order

Robust workflow engine to streamline and effectively manage workload by tracking tasks that must be completed in order to fulfil a request, assigning each task to an appropriate technician, and offering automated notifications upon task completion or when deadlines are approaching.

Scheduling & Dispatching

With our convenient scheduling and dispatching capabilities, preventive maintenance duties can be organized without difficulty. From one primary interface, you can observe and monitor all service technicians in real-time, as well as issue maintenance tickets without stress.

Checklist Management

Customizable forms facilitate technicians during their work orders. There are a variety of elements, such as text boxes, radio buttons, and checkboxes to improve efficiency. This feature enhances technicians’ performance by utilizing clearly defined procedures

Preventive Maintenance

Our preventive maintenance features offer a comprehensive history of past repairs for all assets to allow optimal decision-making. With Hidden Brains CMMS, regularly perform check-ups and comprehensive inspections to keep equipment running optimally and avoid the emergence of future problems.


Effective monitoring and maintenance progress by a powerful dashboard. Get useful dashboards and intuitive reports to make business decisions and keep an eye over the activities. Filter the dashboard and monitor the activities as per requirements with the option to export reports.

Technician Management

Our Technician Management feature of CMMS software allows facility maintenance professionals to effectively manage technicians with a wide range of capabilities for assigning tasks, scheduling shifts, tracking performance, and providing feedback

Skill Management

Our skill management feature quickly locates professional technicians with specific areas of expertise in emergency situations promptly. With this feature, businesses can utilize the existing labor force productivity resulting in faster completion of jobs or tasks.

Request Tracking

Ayaansh IT Expert CMMS allows seamless option to assign service requests to different technicians based on the request type. Also, it notifies the users automatically whenever a request is filed. Users get the freedom to Submit, Review, and Approve Requests in an effortless manner.


How Does it Work?

Ayaansh IT Expert CMMS offers a robust, centralized platform to manage technician and asset maintenance tasks with maximum efficiency in real-time.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Get actionable insights into your daily work assignments, asset visibility and all maintenance activities performed by users.

Customized Workflow

Our Custom Workflow solution equips organizations with a wide range of features to enhance their workflow processes. Ayaansh IT Expert CMMS allows for the monitoring of progress, resource allocation, and prioritizing tasks based on the level of significance.

Reduced Paperwork

Ayaansh IT Expert CMMS platform allows to securely store, monitor, and manage reports of all maintenance tasks in one place. With the option to digitize service request logging, job progress, and inventory tracking, there is no need to maintain lengthy paperwork.

Asset Visibility

Maintenance teams and asset maintenance managers can swiftly locate key data regarding assets with CMMS. Our CMMS provides consolidated information related to purchase, last service date, malfunction/defect occurrence, and parts used.

Workflow Visibility

Technicians, maintenance engineers, and project managers can effectively monitor progress of maintenance tasks in real-time with interactive dashboards and visuals. Users can easily gauge and pinpoint assets for maintenance.

Increased Productivity

Technicians can record data while they are at the job site with a mobile app, significantly increasing their effectiveness and output. With smart maintenance, businesses can access most up-to-date data related to work order from a single source, removing manual and time-consuming processes.

Improved Team Communication

Accurately track and monitor assets and the status of jobs with complete maintenance records for smoother communication among teams. With smart maintenance solutions, supervisors and managers can track work orders and receive timely updates

Reduced Downtime

Ayaansh IT Expert smart maintenance solutions can help teams to schedule predictive maintenance of equipment so that assets receive timely service as well as large costs are averted. Technicians can manage extra parts needed, allowing faster repairs and reduced downtime.

Streamlined Processes

Monitor and track work orders effortlessly with our CMMS. With the availability of device-specific details, field workers can get quick updates from the operations team. Stakeholders can assign necessary resources based on priority and overall maintenance goals.

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