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Whether you require for your brand development or seamless business  integration, we will take your business to the next level of success with IT consulting services & software development.

One-stop Industries Development for innovative solutions

AIE is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that has been partnering with many of the world’s largest businesses in their transformation journeys for Offering a one-stop solution for industries’ development and innovation needs can be a significant advantage in today’s competitive business landscape.  We believe innovation and collective knowledge can transform all our futures with greater purpose. We offer full-cycle technology solution that streamline your digital transformation journey. With cutting-edge technical expertise, INT. simplifies complex business challenges with innovative solution for 100+ fastest growing industries, we enable SMEs in making the best use of emerging digital technologies to build stronger capabilities & seize growth opportunities in today’s ever-evolving digital economy. success will come to those adopt an innovation-driven approach and new innovation-as-a-service model , the future of technology services would be focused on either providing a differentiator or innovative solutions for the all problems.  

Technology / Software

Our technically strong and hi-tech team helps our client to develop new business strategies with using lates technology. Implementing technology as a core business strategy helps you direct resources toward security upgrades and training, as well as disaster planning and recovery. It allows you to develop security strategies for employees at all levels, across every department. Enhancement. We are focusing on solving problems across product development, web and mobile app development, cloud, analytics, quality assurance, and evolving software needs for the business.


We Provides latest technology for Healthcare industry, offer benefits such as improved efficiency and productivity, enhanced patient-centric care, seamless information exchange, enhanced decision-making and clinical support, data management and analysis, security and privacy, cost reduction and revenue optimization, regulatory compliance, research and innovation, and patient engagement and awareness. These benefits improved healthcare outcomes, patient satisfaction, and operational effectiveness in the healthcare industry.

Education ​

We work on technology for educational industries, we helps institution in increasing the discipline and rigor of classrooms across digital channels to give superior learning outcome. Enhanced Learning Experience: IT services, such as online learning platforms, virtual classrooms, and educational apps, provide students with access to a wide range of learning resources and interactive materials. These services allow for personalized and self-paced learning, promoting student engagement and improving the overall learning experience.


Ayaansh IT Expert Provides Digitization to customer for enhanced efficiency ,improve customer experience as well as expand reach we constantly help the industry players re-align their business models and adopt the new technology frameworks to ensure profitability. We are engaged with a diversified spectrum of services that range from core applications and infrastructure support.

Finance ​

IT services bring numerous benefits to the finance industry. We Ayaansh IT Expert provides full-stock holistic technology services to financial institutions. By combining the latest technology trends with financial services, we enable clients to perform seamless B2C and B2B businesses with great accessibility, flexibility, and mobility in the financial world. Our services are extended in building world-class applications for mobile banking, mobile payments, stock trading, and investment management. 

Oil & Gas​

Our hi-tech team, offer benefits such as enhanced operations and efficiency, real-time monitoring and control, safety and risk management, Asset management and maintenance, remote operations and collaboration, data analytics and insights, environmental sustainability, regulatory compliance, supply chain optimization, and decision support and planning. These benefits contribute to improved productivity, safety, sustainability, and profitability in the oil and gas industry. as well as IT solutions for oil and gas help the industry embrace digital transformation for improved drilling quality and efficiency, optimized reservoir management, enhanced oil recovery, reduced operational costs, and more.


Ayaansh IT Expert Provides latest technology for Telecommunication industry, Technology helps to reduce operational and administrative expenses while enabling unified communication and collaboration through extensive Content Delivery Networks. With cloud service providers taking care of IT, server updates, and maintenance, telecom companies can focus on providing their core services.


Unlock the potential of the digital marketplace with our top-tier eCommerce web development. Our skilled team creates websites that harmonize design, user experience, and functionality seamlessly. From responsive interfaces to streamlined checkouts, we specialize in shaping eCommerce success stories for businesses of all scales.Our team of experienced eCommerce development experts will help guide your online entry strategy and decide which marketplaces are right for you to sell your products and reach a more extensive array of customers.

Real Estate

Managing a complex portfolio of properties efficiently is within your grasp. Cognizant helps you stay up to date with real-time analyses, automated workflows and AI-based systems that learn and correct themselves. Our real estate consultants deliver a wide spectrum of services and repeatable solutions across multiple functional areas. These include brokerage, franchising, valuation and advisory, mortgage and facility management.


Online platforms offer a broader range of choices and easier comparison shopping. Price comparisons, reviews, and recommendations make it easier for consumers to make informed decisions. Suddenly, smaller brands and designers have a direct line to consumers, bypassing traditional retail barriers. Our clients love our work because we walk the extra mile to give unique solutions.


Our technically strong team  plays a crucial role in the cosmetic industry, providing numerous benefits that can enhance efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Here are some of the key benefits of IT in the cosmetic industry: In summary, information technology provides a wide range of benefits to the cosmetic industry, from improving product development and supply chain management to enhancing customer engagement and sustainability efforts. Embracing IT can help cosmetic companies stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of consumers.


We Ayaansh It Expert partner with futuristic automobile  manufacturers for develop his  modeling across business cycle. our organization and technical team teach you innovation and business agility. overall we helps you for transforming the design, manufacturing, operation, and customer experience within the sector. driving innovation in vehicle design, manufacturing, connectivity, and  advancements have not only improved the efficiency and competitiveness of automakers but have also enhanced the driving experience and contributed to the development of more environmentally friendly vehicles.


Our technology solutions development team is believe in quality software designs and product  strategies to electronics industries. we work on ideas into real products, We provide service for enables the design of cutting-edge electronic products, improves manufacturing processes, ensures quality control, and supports sustainability efforts, making it an essential component of the electronics ecosystem.