Instant Messaging App Development

Instant Messaging App Development Services to stay connected with your connections and community through Chat, Audio, and Video Calls.


Instant messaging apps are transforming the way businesses connect and accelerating customer experience.

Live Chat and Instant Messaging App: How it Works

We have strong team for  built chat and messaging apps for Android, iOS and web.

Ayaansh IT Expert can build instant messaging apps similar to Whatsapp for Android, iPhone and Web with advanced functionalities exactly based on your requirements. At the crux, though, our messaging apps are mainly about connecting people and facilitating private conversations.

  • Instant & Group Chats
  • Documents & Multimedia



  • Audio/Video calls
  • Notifications 
  •    Privacy Settings
  • Account Settings
  • Other Settings 

Advance Features & Functionalities

Get access to some of the trending features in Instant messaging app development

Chatbot Integration

Incorporate chatbot functionality & solutions to ensure seamless and intuitive communication with customers for an enhanced experience.

Language Translation

Entire application, website and backend translation to a preferred foreign language right to all button labels, login text & much more.

GIF Facility

GIF integration with the chat module to meet the increasing demand. GIF module will appear as a separate tab in the chat section for admin.

AWS S3 Bucket

Option to save, organize and manage different types of files and data in Amazon S3 bucket for immersive experience.


Privacy and security review of encrypted messaging, end-to-end encryption for voice/video calls and instant messages with its protocol.

Data Encryption

Secure data and information exchange through a messaging app, maintaining end-to-end encryption and online privacy.


Instant Messaging apps for different platforms to ensure collaboration and communication.








 Web Panel

Technologies We Use

We are constantly innovating and covering a wide stack of technologies, as well as the latest industry trends.

XMPP / eJabber

Open source to reduce recurring cost and not utilising any 3rd party service to ensure the highest level of security standards.


Designed with Single & Distributed Server Architecture to support more user base and concurrent users