Time and Attendance Tracking Software

Employee time and attendance system development with Geo-tagging, Intelligent Dashboard, QR Code & RFID Integration.


Employee Time and Attendance Tracking Software

AIE offers attendance and time tracking software that allows managers to track employees and their working hours across different office locations. This application tracks productivity patterns and makes it easy for the management to get automated timesheets and work distribution across different shifts.

Time attendance system can cover all aspects of time tracking such as clock in/out, breaks, and activity tracking. Our time attendance management solutions also offer a suite of sophisticated features such as facial recognition and accessibility through a browser, regardless of the device’s operating system, as well as iOS and Android smartphone and tablet access.

Time and attendance system application aims to automate the process of time management, with attendance in and out entries of employees from multiple offices/work from home locations, as well as visitors entries with access cards. It provides CSV files that can be integrated with other systems like HRMS, or can be used for reporting or payroll purposes.



Automated Time and Attendance System

Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

Employee Distribution

Our software connects different locations across the world and links it with employees, eliminating the need of merging reports from different locations. This gives complete visibility of checking all location updates at a glance.


Custom Holidays

With time and attendance online web-based system, you can set holidays and choose locations that observe these holidays. This automatically applies to the employees based on their reporting location.

Shift Management

Managing employees working under different shifts is simple. With the time attendance system, you can customize the shift for specific days and even override shifts for a specific employee for a particular day.

Official Trip & Out of Office Work

The system records automatic presences for work out of the office based on approval. The time attendance management solutions also reports employees going out of the office for official visit.

Visitor Access

With smart instant visitor passes, it is easy to identify who has authorized visitors and who has not. Moreover, visitors can be scheduled for pre-passes or can be entered on the go when they arrive with tracking by admin.

Touchless Entry/Exit

Supports universal USB RDIF Reader for touchless Punch IN/OUT, as well as supports SecuGen(c)(R) Fingerprint USB reader for Punch IN/OUT with the Attendance Tablet.


A smart dashboard that offers all the required information under one page, take it as employee or visitor or who is not yet in office, everything that management needs to know.

Automated Timesheets

The system gives you a real-time report on employee’s productivity, working hours of employee where the system automatically excludes break details, there is no need to fill timesheets.


Multiple Admins

Our time attendance software solutions supports multiple admins with access control over vertical and horizontal hierarchy, making it easier for management to have smart and key reports.

Easy data access

Each and every data is stored and accessed securely over the cloud. This offers the least downtime and is ready to set up anytime.


Attendance Management Systems: How it Works

Understand the seamless working of the Attendance Management Software to effectively track and manage employees across offices.

Solutions and Time Attendance

Our time attendance solutions provide maximum employee efficiency, providing real-time visibility with a number of powerful features such as Geo-tagging, RFID and much more.

No Manual Timesheet

Get fully automated timesheets with real-time updates on employee’s productivity, working hours excluding lunch and other breaks. There is no hassle of asking employees to fill their timesheets manually.

Cloud -based

No physical infrastructure required the application is hosted and connected to the cloud via the internet. Supports offline mode for remote locations with low Internet connectivity.

Facial Recognition

Leverage Face ID to log in daily work entries instead of maintaining attendance entries manually. Facial recognition reduces the chances of errors or any form of fraud.


Personalize Time attendance system and mobile application based on your company logo and colours to match with the logo, just like crafted and made for you.


Platforms & Integrations

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Technology Platforms

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